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OpenAI Mar 14, 2024

Prompt: the camera lowers and widens to a grand panoramic view overlooking the beautiful ocean and the historical buildings along the a stunning coastal picturesque town perched on the cliffs. Colorful buildings in shades of yellow, orange, pink, and white cascade down the steep slopes of the rugged coastline of Amalfi Coast in Italy. The architecture has a classic European charm, with tiled roofs and ornate details. Several boats and yachts are speckled across the calm waters, implying leisure activities like boating or sightseeing are common here. Lush greenery on the mountainous landscape. The overall image is vibrant, inviting, and bustling with the potential for holiday adventures and relaxation, warm golden light, beautiful high-end travel photography shot on 4K digital cameras

Prompt: 镜头降低并扩大到一个宏伟的全景,俯瞰美丽的海洋和历史建筑沿着一个令人惊叹的海岸风景如画的小镇坐落在悬崖上。在意大利阿马尔菲海岸崎岖的海岸线上,黄色、橙色、粉色和白色的色彩斑斓的建筑沿着陡峭的斜坡倾泻而下。该建筑具有经典的欧洲魅力,有瓦屋顶和华丽的细节。几艘船和游艇点缀在平静的水面上,这意味着划船或观光等休闲活动在这里很常见。山上郁郁葱葱的草木。整体图像是充满活力的,诱人的,熙熙攘攘的,潜在的假日冒险和放松,温暖的金色光线,美丽的高端旅游摄影拍摄的4K数码相机



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