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DonAllenIII Mar 27, 2024

β€œI’m so excited to unveil something truly groundbreaking in collaboration with OpenAI a glimpse into the future of storytelling with Sora technology. 🌟 In this trailer, we explore a parallel world Beyond our Reality, where the boundaries of imagination are expanded, bringing to life a few creatures I have dreamed up. What you’re seeing is not traditional footage 🎞️ but the result of cutting-edge AI-generated video technology that blurs the lines between reality & fantasy. I tried to ground my outputs in something kind of familiar like animals, but also something that was currently impossible in biology, 🧬 these hybrid creatures. As we step into this new era, I understand the apprehension surrounding the rapid evolution of our creative industries. I really think Sora offers a different kind of visual canvas, expanding my creative possibilities and complementing my different creative crafts. I have always been a one-person creative studio , so there were inherent limits to what I could create alone. With Sora I feel I can tell stories at a scale I didn’t think was possible before. As I continue to be an early artist, working with Sora, I promise to be mindful of its profound impact. I will continue to share knowledge about it in an educational, creative capacity. I feel like we are unlocking πŸ”“ a new era of creative storytelling that we have never been able to imagine collectively before! Stay curious and creative!!!” - @DonAllenIII



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