Generated by Sora OpenAI's text-to-video model 32

OpenAI Feb 27, 2024

Saturdays are for the new Sora drops.

These videos were generated by our text-to-video model, Sora, without modification.

Prompt 1: a scuba diver discovers a hidden futuristic shipwreck, with cybernetic marine life and advanced alien technology

Prompt 2: a man BASE jumping over tropical hawaii waters. His pet macaw flies alongside him

Prompt 3: Close-up of a majestic white dragon with pearlescent, silver-edged scales, icy blue eyes, elegant ivory horns, and misty breath. Focus on detailed facial features and textured scales, set against a softly blurred background

Prompt 4: a red panda and a toucan are best friends taking a stroll through santorini during the blue hour

Prompt 5: a dark neon rainforest aglow with fantastical fauna and animals



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