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Allen T Feb 16, 2024

Prompt: “an older man with gray hair and glasses devours a delicious cheese burger. the bun is speckled with sesame seeds, fresh lettuce, a slice of cheese, and a golden brown beef patty. his eyes are closed in enjoyment as he takes a bite. he wears a red jacket and appears to be sitting inside a fast food restaurant.”

Prompt: “一位头发花白、戴眼镜的老人正在吃美味的奶酪汉堡。面包上点缀着芝麻、新鲜生菜、一片奶酪和一个金黄色的牛肉饼。他闭上眼睛享受地咬了一口。他穿着一件红色夹克,看起来像是坐在一家快餐店里。”



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