Generated by Sora OpenAI's text-to-video model 59

Ben Nash Feb 29, 2024

This video was made with the not-yet-released Sora AI technology just announced from OpenAi. This changes everything. It's 27 seconds from a text prompt.

Here is their prompt:
Prompt: A white and orange tabby cat is seen happily darting through a dense garden, as if chasing something. Its eyes are wide and happy as it jogs forward, scanning the branches, flowers, and leaves as it walks. The path is narrow as it makes its way between all the plants. the scene is captured from a ground-level angle, following the cat closely, giving a low and intimate perspective. The image is cinematic with warm tones and a grainy texture. The scattered daylight between the leaves and plants above creates a warm contrast, accentuating the cat’s orange fur. The shot is clear and sharp, with a shallow depth of field.

该视频是使用 OpenAi 刚刚宣布的尚未发布的 Sora AI 技术制作的。这改变了一切。距离文本提示还有 27 秒。

Prompt: 一只白色和橙色的虎斑猫在茂密的花园中快乐地飞奔,好像在追逐什么。它的眼睛睁得大大的,快乐地向前慢跑,一边走一边扫视树枝、花朵和树叶。这条小路很窄,因为它在所有植物之间穿行。场景是从地面角度拍摄的,紧跟着猫,给人一种低矮而亲密的视角。该图像具有电影般的色调和颗粒状纹理。上方树叶和植物之间散射的日光营造出温暖的对比,突出了猫的橙色皮毛。镜头清晰锐利,景深较浅。



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