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GREG ISENBERG Feb 29, 2024

Prompt: Step-printing scene of a person running, cinematic film shot in 35mm.

Prompt: 一个人奔跑的步进打印场景,以 35 毫米拍摄的电影胶片。

My take:

A) I feel even more connected to this video in black/white cinematic

B) Cool that you can prompt it on a particular type of shot

C) I wonder if you'd be able to prompt it from a "Canon Powershot Elph 180" in the future

D) This screams Nike commercial


A) 我觉得与这个黑白电影视频的联系更加紧密

B) 很酷,您可以在特定类型的镜头上提示它

C) 我想知道您将来是否能够从“佳能 Powershot Elph 180”中提示它

D) 这尖叫耐克广告



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