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Shruti Mishra Feb 29, 2024

Prompt: 3D animation of a small, round, fluffy creature with big, expressive eyes explores a vibrant, enchanted forest. The creature, a whimsical blend of a rabbit and a squirrel, has soft blue fur and a bushy, striped tail. It hops along a sparkling stream, its eyes wide with wonder. The forest is alive with magical elements: flowers that glow and change colors, trees with leaves in shades of purple and silver, and small floating lights that resemble fireflies. The creature stops to interact playfully with a group of tiny, fairy-like beings dancing around a mushroom ring. The creature looks up in awe at a large, glowing tree that seems to be the heart of the forest.

Prompt: 一个小小的、圆形的、毛茸茸的生物,有着大而富有表现力的眼睛,探索着一个充满活力、迷人的森林。这种生物是兔子和松鼠的异想天开的混合体,有柔软的蓝色皮毛和浓密的条纹尾巴。它沿着波光粼粼的溪流跳跃,惊奇地睁大了眼睛。森林里充满了神奇的元素:会发光和变色的花朵,叶子呈紫色和银色的树木,以及类似萤火虫的小漂浮灯。这个生物停下来与一群围绕着蘑菇圈跳舞的精灵般的小生物嬉戏互动。这个生物敬畏地抬头看着一棵发光的大树,这棵树似乎是森林的中心。



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